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iFind 0.9.3

by toolman18

Find more apps for your iPhone, Android device, or iPad

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Updated May 10, 2011

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Long Description

Please note this is a BETA. The search results are very slow.

Find more apps for your iPhone, Android device, or iPad while you search the internet. iFind displays apps related to what you're viewing.

When you've found an app send it directly to your iPhone, Android device, or iPad with a text message or email and you'll receive a message with a link to the app. You'll never have to remember the name of an app you want to install; just send it to your device and next time you pick it up you'll have a link.

Works with:

  • Safari: 4 – 5



Support for this add-on is provided by the developer at or by sending an e-mail to

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Version 0.9.3 — May 10, 2011 — 243 KB

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