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by cathryncargle090587

This is the official extension for you to search for fireplaces beyond incredible. Provides information of the best fireplaces even for those that are not available in the marketplace, product variants and price.

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Updated January 10, 2013

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Long Description

This add-on is for people who are absolutely in love with their home and want it give it a royal touch. Following is the information one can retrieve from the search option – Product extension like; electric fireplaces, gel fireplaces, Biofuel Fireplaces, Wall Fireplaces, Corner Fireplaces, TV & Media Consoles, Tabletop Fireplaces etc.
This add-on can also help you in searching information on – how to buy these products, managing your account, My car, checkout and log in and cancellation of orders, shipping information, return policy etc.

ABOUT Ventless Fireplace Pros

Ventless Fireplace Pros are the creative head of electric to Tabletop fireplaces and their style speaks for their success in the marketplace. They even came out with TV and media consoles with an electric fireplace built right in or that there are some that actually hang on a wall.
They are known for their gorgeous finishes such as copper, black, stainless steel, antique gold or surrounded by a spiral sunburst. One won't be able to resist their temptation of to take your eyes off the beauty defining your home.
Well, these fireplaces are a lot more reasonable to afford and carry an extensive selection of Tabletop fireplaces that can travel from room to room suiting your needs.
Ventless Fireplace Pros believe in providing the best quality product unlike any other firm but what they sincerely believe in is the budget and a safe, environmentally-friendly fireplace.
You can find all the Ventless Fireplace Pros and gears here:

Works with:

  • Safari: 5 – 5

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Developer Comments

User can add this addon by download the file, after downloading the file with extension .safariextz, just double click it and it will ask you to install the file and after installation, it will locate the extension on safari window.

Version — January 10, 2013 — 70 KB

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