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Die2Nite Enhancer 0.2.2

by Aymeric Beaumet

Die2Nite Enhancer improves your game experience on Die2Nite.

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Updated March 28, 2014

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Long Description

D2NE will give you access to a lot of features:
- Enable numeric stat on the hero experience bar
- Highlight the AP border (from green to red) depending of the remaining AP
- Set the maximum number of AP for the constructions (instead of 1 by default)
- Possibility to mask the completed constructions
- Hide a lot of interface elements you may find superfluous
- And a lot more...

It also allows you to synchronise with some external tools (directly from the game interface):
- Dusk Dawn [EN]
- Map Viewer [EN]
- BigBroth'Hordes [FR]

Every feature or functionality is adjustable via the configuration panel.

D2NE also supports the French (Hordes), Spanish (Zombinoia) and Dutch (Die Verdammten) versions.

If you encounter any problem or have a suggestion, you can create an issue here:

The source code is available on GitHub:

Works with:

  • Safari: 5 – 5



Support for this add-on is provided by the developer at or by sending an e-mail to


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Advanced Details

Version 0.2.2 — March 28, 2014 — 107 KB

- Add Firefox icon
- Add Safari icon
- The configuration panel is no longer a popup
- Conform to Motion Twin EULA

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