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LanguageSwitcher 1.1

by gonzo

Simple plugin for Safari that allows to switch spellchecker language for textareas from context menu in two clicks instead of going to system menu.

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Updated July 3, 2010

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Long Description

Those Safari users who edit texts in several languages might find spellchecker language switching for Safari inconvenient. Unlike Firefox, that has its own internal dictionaries Safari utilizes Mac OS X system-wide spellchecking engine. And one has to use System Preferences to change current dictionary.

This plugin allows you to change these settings in three mouse clicks. Right-button click for context menu, then select "Spellchecker Language" submenu and choose language. Simple and efficient.

Works with:

  • Safari: 4 – 4



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Advanced Details

Version 1.1 — July 3, 2010 — 28 KB

Plugin requires SIMBL ( version higher than 0.9.7a to run on Snow Leopard

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