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Experimental Add-ons

What is an experimental add-on?

Experimental add-ons are meant for advanced users to test add-ons before they are made available and reviewed for general use. Many add-ons may be in prototype form. Experimental add-ons may be alpha, beta or pre-production in quality, performance and features.

Caution should be used when installing experimental add-ons, as they have not been tested by an editor and may harm your computer configuration.

How do I know an experimental add-on when I see one on the site?

Experimental add-ons are marked with an "experimental" label and require login before you install them.

Why do I have to login to install an experimental add-on?

The add-on site requires that users login to install experimental add-ons as a reminder that you are about to undertake a risk step.

Do I have to login or need an account to install a public add-on?

No. The add-on site does not require you to have a user account or to login in order to install a public add-on.