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Reviews for SafariZoom

by h1mal on May 16, 2010
Now, SafariZoom 1.5 is working perfectly for Safari 4.0.5 on MacOS X 10.5.8 PPC. I can highly recommend it.

by h1mal on May 14, 2010
1.1 works, but 1.4 doesn't. Mac mini PPC, Leopard 10.5.8, Safari 4.0.5.

by soulman on April 21, 2010
I've searched for exactly this functionality and was very happy to find SafariZoom. The plug-in does exactly what I would expect when clicking the zoom button. Perfect! Unfortunately, after installing it, I had frequent crashes. It seems that SafariZoom has problems with tabbed browsing. The crashes always occured when opening links in a tabbed browser window. I could nail it definitely down to SafariZoom. After uninstalling (what was a little bit tricky, because there is no uninstaller and searching for "SafariZoom" on my HD wasn't successful) the crashes where gone. Putting the plugin back, the crashes were back as well.
I'm using Safari 4.0.5 on Mac OS X 10.5.8
I hope there will be an update that fixes this crashes, then it will be my favourite plug-in for Safari!

by GabLeRoux on December 14, 2009
Nice, this should be set by default :)

by em-m on November 8, 2009
Yes! Merci