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Alexey Kazbaev

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Best Youtube Downloader for Mac OS
We are happy to introduce free Best Youtube Downloader for Safari on Mac and Windows. It provides the easiest method to download YouTube videos in FLV, MP4, WebM with 720p HD and 1080p FullHD qualities right from YouTube video pages.
Best Youtube Downloader for Windows
Best Youtube Downloader for Windows works in all Windows browsers - Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. The extensions adds "Download" button to all Youtube videos, you can easily download any clips/movies to your PC.
Button for LinkedIn™
Quick access to LinkedIn™ with a single click on your panel.
Button for Pinterest™
Quick access to Pinterest™ with a single click.
Facebook AdBlocker
Tired of Facebook Ads? with 'Facebook AdBlock', you can block and remove ads and never see them again!
Facebook Tracking Blocker
Facebook™ Tracking blocker blocks all traffic from third-party sites to Facebook servers but still lets you access Facebook itself.
Fast Booking.COM
Quick access to Booking.COM™ - largest hotel and hostel database.
Image Hover Zoom
Image Hover Zoom is a simple, light-weight extension that integrates directly into portal UI so you can see the larger photos whenever you hover over an image!
Macte! Safari Toolbar
Macte! Toolbar is the first custom-made toolbar for Safari ever made. It is an easy-to-use extension that provides quick access to major web services.
MSaver - download Youtube videos
Download Youtube videos and VKontakte music with a single click.
Maximizes Safari window instead of content-based sizing.
Scroll To Top
Adds a scroll to top or bottom button.
VK Background Recolorer
Change VK background colors.
VK Panel Recolorer
Change VK panel colors.